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Sunday June 1st

Do Division Festival

w/ J Mascis & People Under the Stairs

Wednesday August 6th

The Whistler

w/ Impulsive Hearts

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Saturday September 6th

Abbey Pub

w/ HUH











































"...(Secret Science) is really more of a Frankenstein creation. And I do mean that in a good way. These basement technicians dug up the freshly-buried forms of punk rock, shocked them with a thousand jiggawatts of raw human energy and infused some late ’90s rock sensibilities about how far noise alone can carry an idea. This is post-punk: the don’t-give-a-[flip] recklessness of Skulls (Misfits, 1982) tempered by the compelling pop-logic of My Name is Jonas (Weezer, 1994)."





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